ICMP Protocol

to detect errors in the network

Detects and resolves network problems, as well as performance monitoring and network monitoring.

ICMP Protocol

ICMP Protocol Determine the Exact Cause of the Problem

Acquire a deeper comprehension of the problem and possible fixes. Knowing the reason enables us to better focus our efforts, allocate resources, and increase the likelihood that our goal will be accomplished.

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error detection

Error Detection

Helps in the detection of network layer issues such as packet loss, network congestion, and routing faults.

network troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting

Provides data about a packet's source, destination, route, and degree of packet loss for troubleshooting network issues.

network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Keeps track of a network's functionality and health. The dependability, throughput, and latency of a network may all be found out through ICMP packets by network managers.

What is a ICMP Protocol?

Network infrastructure, such as routers, utilize the Internet Control Message Protocol to communicate with one another about network issues and conditions. Network devices can report faults in the IP datagrams they receive via ICMP. It may also be used to transmit echo messages, calculate round-trip timings, and check whether a site is reachable.

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