Application Monitoring

to track and monitor performance of website

Ensures that the applications are able to meet the demands of users, and can identify and resolve website performance issues.

Application Monitoring

Analyze Application Monitoring

Essential for businesses due to its extensive features, which include application performance monitoring and server monitoring. It also places a significant focus on extensive analysis and reporting, which helps in troubleshooting application downtime and other issues.

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dashboards and alerts

Dashboards and Alerts

Alerts are notifications that are sent when a metric crosses a specified threshold.

anomaly detection and tracking

Anomaly Detection and tracking

Detects potential issues and monitors applications that handle enormous quantities of traffic from different services.

dependency and flow mapping

Dependency and Flow Mapping

Fix any bugs or problems that are preventing the app from functioning properly.

What is Application Monitoring?

The process of tracking, measuring, and managing the performance of software applications is known as application monitoring. It is a proactive technique to discovering and diagnosing issues that may have an impact on an application's quality or performance. It can detect and diagnose problems like slow response times, errors, and crashes. It can also be used to track an application's performance over time.

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