Baseline Analysis

to establish a level of performance

Investigate the root cause of website performance issues

Baseline Analysis

Compare the Results of Multiple Tests with baseline analysis.

Easily identify the potential problems and develop solutions accordingly

baseline analysis leave note
collect data on performance indicators

Collect Data on Performance Indicators

The design, user experience, and overall performance of the website could be enhanced with the help of this data.

set goals and objectives

Set Goals and Objectives

Establish goals and objectives for your website monitoring operations that are specific, measurable, reasonable, appropriate, and time-bound.

identify areas for improvement

Identify Areas for Improvement

Provides information that can be used to pinpoint problem areas and potential improvement opportunities, enabling you to specify goals and objectives.

What is Baseline Analysis?

Baseline analysis is a method of website monitoring that involves establishing a "baseline" or "normal" range of values for various website performance metrics. This range is then used to identify when website performance falls outside of the normal range, which can indicate an issue or problem.

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